Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Build a Prone Paddleboard Rack

Okay- So I know that this is supposed to be a triathlon blog.  But I divert.  And it's the off season so I am diverting with building projects, cross-training, and enjoying the freedom to get bored.  I eventually have to get off my bed (I don't have a couch) and start training seriously... but it can wait until tomorrow morning (and yup.. i've said that for the last month now).  

So here are the basics on how to build a darn good paddleboard rack out of PVC piping.  And I'm almost positive it can double as ladder golf because I based my idea off of that.  I mean, you can't have an ugly structure sitting in the back yard without it doubling as a lawn sport?!

Step 1: Laying out the Materials
Step 2: Lining up the Connectors 


Step 4: Spacing the racks so the paddleboard fits
(optional: using pvc insulator to pad the racks)

                    Step 3: Pushing the PVC piping together

So in step one you need to just get to the hardware store and purchase some goodies... namely- a lot of PVC piping and connectors.  

For the size rack that I built it required 16x 24" long pvc piping pieces (1.5" diameter) and 12x 12" long pvc piping pieces (also 1.5" in diameter).  In total I needed 8 right angle connecters and 12 't' tube connectors.  Thank goodness the nice person at the hardware store did the cutting so it wasn't crazy expensive!  I could by 4 10foot long pieces of PVC piping and he did the cutting and then all i had to do was buy one more 48" piece and cut it in half.  This saved a ton of money from having to cut all the pieces myself.  I highly recommend this.  

Once all the materials are purchased the rest is easy-peezy!  All that needs to be done is assembly.  I decided NOT to use any glue for the time being.  I am testing it out with one board to see how it holds up and then I will eventually put another board on top.  I did line up all the pieces before I assembled the rack to make sure that all the pieces were cut exactly correctly and since they were there wasn't any problem.  

This rack is a great solution for anyone that doesn't have a garage to put hangers in or can't put hooks onto a wall on the side of the house.  I'm super excited to have something that can also break down and be easily transported to another place (I seem to move a lot.. I don't want to jinx myself at all... but I am just being very honest here).  

In other news, I had my first race of the Kanaha Ikaika series this past weekend.  I am super excited about the series allowing prone paddlers into the series because I feel that I will be able to gain experience that will be useful in hopefully crossing the Molokai to Oahu channel later on in the year.  

So I was looking forward to this first race this past saturday.  The short course, which I signed up for, was scheduled to be from Waimanalo Beach Park to Kailua Beach Park.  However, there were rumors that a big swell was coming in on Saturday morning.  And of course, mother nature proved not to dissappoint.  So the KIRA race directors decided to cancel the LONG course and EXTEND the short course route and have everyone (outriggers, canoes, kayaks, sups, and paddleboards) all go the same distance.  Sounded fine to me.  Until the start.  It was actually quite comical.  

Notice the waves in the background.
Race Briefing
Out on my own.

The race briefing was given to everyone and we were standing at Waimanalo Beach park and told that we had to paddle to Shreiners to start the race and that it would be a good warm up.  No biggie.  A half mile paddle to the start up current would be a great warm-up.  However, it got a little more intense.  The racers leading out to the start line thought they said Rabbit Island so they kept going.  Almost a mile and a half.  It was maybe 15 min of paddling towards the start (or the supposed startline) when the 6 man canoe asked me if I wanted a ride.  Laughable.  I said, no thanks.  I explained that I thought we probably were going a bit too far and assumed that we should be stopping soon.  And I was right.  Shortly after they offered me a ride we were all stopped by the race director who came out on a speed boat and blasted the front guys for leading everyone into the swell that he was trying to avoid and heading towards rabbit island.  

The race went well.  Unfortunately with everyone starting at the same time it doesn't give me much hope for staying close to the lead outriggers.  I was the only female on a paddleboard.  Actually, only myself and my friend, Hudson, who I have been doing paddleboard runs with and I convinced to race were the ones who showed up on paddleboards.  Maybe the swell scared them away.  Maybe the fact that it isn't easy.  It's work.  We are both swimmers and like long distance.  The soreness and fatigue endured on a stock paddleboard sometimes compares to swimming 10,000 yard workouts that I have done in the pool.  Especially on days that I don't catch any waves.  Either way, it is still a great experience and a great way to see the ocean and get in a workout.
Oh yea... and on that topic- this blog will eventually return to triathlons as I have signed up for one in March.  Early March.  A spur of the moment 70.4 (that's not a typo... there's extra swimming... YES!), in long beach.  I'm going to head over to Long Beach to race with some of my favorite triathlete friends whom I met in a race a long time ago...

Medals for Hudson and I!
I might be on my own but I'm super happy!

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